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Some frequently asked questions answered:

What knowledge is assumed for reading the book?

The book assumes the reader has basic know how of digital imaging.

Is there a printed version?

We currently
do not offer a printed version as all the services we looked at are either quite expensive, pushing the price into unacceptable regions or they lack sales handling.

Should you have a solution for reasonable prices (at max 50% on top) we are very keen to learn about it.

How to print it yourself

If you intend to print it yourself, there are generally two ways. Either use the A5 format (or a paper size that accommodates it) and print it in duplex.

Or, you can print it 2up, pages per sheet on A4 or similar paper. When you insert a blank page before it in the PDF then this will look better as the left and right pages are then always printed on one sheet. (that requires Acrobat or any other PDF editing capable software. On Linux you could use PDFEdit.

Is there any DRM protection on the PDF?

No, we don't believe in restricting our readers. Read it wherever you want without any DRM hassles

Will there be an EPUB version?

Unfortunately, typical e-book formats are quite limited in their layout controls, making it impossible to translate the e-book 1:1 from the current PDF incantation. However, the PDF works fine on typical Android and IOS tablets.

For which release of AfterShot was the e-book written?

The e-book was finished in tandem with 1.0.10 to make sure it covers all the latest features. The base concepts discussed in the book are applicable to newer versions as well of course