Andreas F.X. Siegert

My day job in IT fits quite nicely with my addiction, photography, since everything in photography is now digital. Photography started for me in 1991 on my first safari to South Africa's wildlife parks. I got hooked and could never let go. Since then, I have been shooting with Nikon gear, and when I switched to digital in 2005, I used Bibble from day one.

Why Bibble? At that time, it was only available on the Internet and was a well-kept secret. I discovered it on the web site of Bjørn Rørslet, who has a very unique vision. His Bibble-generated images made me think that if someone who is capable of seeing beyond the obvious uses Bibble as his primary RAW converter, I should really check it out. That turned out to be a very good idea....

So when Bibble became
AfterShot, I followed.

My previous publications include "The AIX Survival Guide" (Addison-Wesley 1996), as well as lots of magazine articles about software tools in the '80s.
Marco and I published "The Bibble Survivial Guide", the predecessor of this e-book, in 2011.
My online images are available on
SmugMug, a professional image hoster. Should you be interested in a SmugMug account, you might want to specify this discount code: otXC5kHuzE0bw. This gives both you and me a discount.

Marco Frissen

In my daily life I am working as an IT manager for a well known telco, however, I have been very interested in photography since high school. But only when the Nikon D100 was introduced in 2002 I became really active and eventually started shooting as a semi professional photographer, mostly interested in photographing people.

I never attached to a brand, so after my D100 I switched to Olympus only to switch back to Nikon again in 2009 when I got the D700 which is still my main camera body, even though I am using my recently purchased Nikon 1 V1 more and more. My Olympus E1 has been modified to shoot monochrome infrared images only.

When I got my D100 I was looking for a valid alternative to the Nikon software and found Bibble, which was at version 3 at that time. Back then, Bibble was still very much unfinished, but I liked the idea of supporting a smaller company (which only consisted of one person, namely Eric Hyman at that time) and it didn't take long before I got into the hardcore user group and became a beta tester.

Years passed and Bibble became
AfterShot. And I stayed a loyal user.

My previous publications are mainly in the field of digital television and the techniques behind the encryption of those services, articles from "Tele Satellite International" magazine can still be found on the Internet (although translated into chinese), I've done quite a bit of freelance writing for magazines. In 2011 I wrote the Bibble Survival Guide with Andreas and the ASG is the logical sequel.

My website is and you can find examples of my photos there as well.